Welcome to Year 3 2016

Welcome to Year 3 2016.

This is our Blog page. Over the year I hope you will visit our blog and add some comments.

What is a blog? …“Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects…

Each of our year groups will have access to their own class blog where the pupils will share their learning and will be able to develop their writing skills as they will be writing for a wider audience.

Do feel free to comment on the children’s writing and ideas, one thing to be aware of is that all comments will be moderated before going live on the site .

Thank you for your support and happy blogging!

Miss Lancaster

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Science Day!

Year 3 have been super scientist today during our ‘Science Enrichment Day’. Our day kicked off with a fabulous assembly from Mrs Dootson, within which we met Freddie, who taught us all about our canine friend, the dog. After assembly we headed back to class to share the amazing science projects that we had created at home for the science competition! Miss Lancaster and Miss Edwards were blown away by all the amazing entries but eventually managed to chooses two worthy winners, Livia Kane and Akacia Alpport-Booth. In the afternoon we had a special visit from ‘ZOOLABS U.K.’ who taught us about classification. Then we learnt all about soil formation and made our own compost.

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Open Session- Tremors 19.05.17

Class three would like to thank all our amazing parents and carers for the amazing support we have received this year during our topic open sessions! It has been wonderful sharing all our hard work and success with you! Thank you!



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Over the past few weeks Class 3 have been learning the colours in French with Mrs Maguire. We have been playing different games and have found objects in our classroom to match the colours we know. We also learned the body parts and used the colours to describe them!



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Andy Goldsworthy- Outdoor Art!

We looked at the work of Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy. He creates his artwork using only materials that he finds in nature. The pieces are made where he finds the materials. After looking at his works and thinking carefully about how he created them, we worked in groups to design and make our own pieces, inspired by Goldsworthy, using pebbles!


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Multi-Faith Week!

During multi-faith week Class 3 have studying Judaism! We started by looking at the origins of Judaism. We looked at a historic map of the Middle East and compared it with a current map to locate Canaan. We learned that Judaism was founded in Israel 4,000 years ago. We studied the story of God and Abraham, then recreated the story using a simple playscripts. Later, we learned all about the Jewish place of worship and the festivals and celebrations.

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Innovate…Let’s get creative!

During our innovate project this half term Class 3 have been writing and recording our own raps about our favourite superheroes! We had amazing fun writing the lyrics and setting the beat! We can’t wait to show them off during our open session!

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Flip books!

This week in D&T Class Three designed their own flip books based on ‘101 Dalmations’. We worked extremely hard to ensure each picture was very similar to make our books successful!

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St Peter

Last week in RE class Three were studying St Peter. We created a series of freeze frames to demonstrate different events in his life. The outcome was extremely powerful!

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There’s a Pharaoh in Our Bath!

Class 3 have been producing some fantastic writing based on this term’s class novel ‘There’s a Pharaoh in Our Bath!’ From diary entries to persuasive writing, the teachers have been blown away by some of the work that has been produced so far! Here’s a small sample from this week’s Big Write.

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Heroes & Villains

As part of our new topic ‘Heroes & Villains’, class 3 have been involved in some fabulous creative afternoons. We have been studying the theme songs that accompany the most iconic villains, like Cruella DeVil, and have created some beautiful art work to represent our favourite heroes, like this little  Dalmation puppy. We are excited to find out what the next few weeks will bring within this exciting topic!

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