Head Teacher’s Blog 10.12.18-14.12.18

Hi Everyone,

WOW another SUPER WEEK made extra special by the BRILLIANT KS1 nativity play ‘A Midwife Crisis’! The children from Year 1 and Year 2 were AMAZING!! FANTASTIC performances and great audiences too! WELL DONE TO CLASS 1 AND CLASS 2! My sincere thanks to Miss Turner, Miss Worthington, Mrs Disley, Miss Hubbard, Mrs Lormor, Miss Knowles and Miss Edwards who made sure it was such a fabulous show!

We welcomed our Governors for a Learning Walk on Thursday and it was lovely to tour school with them. Governors were impressed with the learning environment, behaviour of all the children, the engagement and focus of the children and independent learning. GREAT news! Governors are invited to visit school in session each term so they can confirm the self-evaluation, thanks again to governors who visited.

The children enjoyed the Christmas dinner on Thursday, special thanks to Mrs Tyrer and Mrs Brown in the kitchen who work hard to make sure it is a delicious dinner for everyone!

Sincere thanks for you continued support for the Christmas colour hamper raffle – the tickets are selling well! We will be drawing the raffle after our Advent Mass next Wednesday with Fr Morrough. You might be a lucky winner!

It was great to see so many parents come to both the Reception class ‘Stay and Play’ and Open Session todayTHANK-YOU! The children love sharing their topic work with you and their work displayed in class. Our next Open Session will be on Friday 8th February.


Reception          Adam and Sebastian

Year 1                  WHOLE CLASS for a BRILLIANT nativity

Year 2                 WHOLE CLASS for a BRILLIANT nativity

Year 3                 Ellen and Holly

Year 4                 Jake and Thomas

Year 5                 Alexis and Missie

Year 6                 Ana and Dylan



Reminders for next week

  • Wed.ADVENT MASS at 11am – ALL welcome!
  • Wed. – CHRISTMAS PARTIES in the afternoon. The children can wear their own clothes all day.
  • Thurs. – 8.50-9.30am: KS2 CAFOD Coffee and toast morning in the hall for parents/grandparents. Our KS2 classes will be selling things to raise money for CAFOD so please call in for a hot drink and toast and have a look!
  • Thurs. – KS2 ‘Evening of Song’ performances at 2pm and 6.30pm
  • Friday – Last day of term finish at normal time of 3.15pn for the Christmas hoidays.

We continue our Advent journey following the light of Jesus through our Advent wreath and blessing. We are busy with preparations, excited and looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth with our families. We are still reaching out to others and remembering in our Advent prayers to pray for others at this time.

We look forward to a GREAT last week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 3.12.18-7.12.18

Hi Everyone,

WOW another GREAT week especially with the AMAZING Reception nativity performances! The children were AMAZING and sincere thanks to all our Reception parents and families who came to watch. A very precious Christmas gift was given as the children shared the Christmas story so beautifully!

WELL DONE TO ALL OUR RECEPTION CHILDREN! We look forward to Year 1 and Year 2 nativity performances next week. KS2 children taking part in the ‘Evening of Song’ will also start rehearsing.

Class 1 had a very exciting afternoon on Tuesday as the Fire Service came to visit with the fire engine! The children loved it and especially the opportunity to climb in the fire engine and hear the sirens!

On Wednesday the BOSCEP statues of Mary and Joseph arrived from St Mary’s primary school and we welcomed them in our special collective worship led by new Y5 Pupil Chaplains. The statues then went on to St Joseph’s high school and will continue their journey across all our Catholic schools until the 17th December when they will arrive at the stable at Thornleigh Salesian College. The children were great in our collective worship and we will also be doing our own shelter seeking programme across school over the next two weeks as part of our Advent preparation.

Today we have had our ‘Hats on for the homeless’ CARITAS day. The children look fantastic in their hats and sincere thanks for your generous donations. We raised £202! ALL this money will go to ‘Urban Outreach’ in Bolton to support their vital work for the poor and homeless especially over the festive season. We started the day with an assembly on the CARITAS theme of ‘The poor and vulnerable’ to raise the children’s awareness about the homeless and how important it is to ‘reach out to others’. This is a key part of our school Mission Statement and the children have done that brilliantly today!

The next two weeks are busy, exciting and fun filled with Christmas so we look forward to a great end of term. My sincere thanks for your continued generosity at a demanding time of year in supporting our Christmas colour hamper raffle, donations and tickets for the KS2 ‘Evening of Song’. These fund raisers go straight back into school to enrich our provision for all the children. THANK-YOU!


Reception          WHOLE CLASS for a BRILLIANT nativity

Year 1                  Grace T and Zachary

Year 2                 Charlotte and Isabel

Year 3                 Thomas and Yash

Year 4                 Devon and James

Year 5                 James and Lexi

Year 6                 Aida and Archie



Reminders for next week

  • Wed.KS1 nativity performances at 2.15pm and 6pm
  • Thurs.Governors Learning Walk 9.30-10.30am and Christmas dinner day
  • Friday – 9-10am: Reception ‘Stay and Play’ session for parents
  • Friday – 3-3.30pm: OPEN SESSION FOR Y1-Y6

As we journey through Advent we try to find time for Jesus amongst all the preparations, lists and excitement. I talk to the children about finding a special place in their hearts for Jesus and our beautiful nativity plays really help. We keep all of you in our prayers and today in assembly we prayed for all those who are poor and homeless on our CARITAS day.

We look forward to another SUPER week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 26.11.18-30.11.18


Hi Everyone,

Another GREAT week – WELL DONE EVERYONE! All the children enjoyed the ‘Cinderella’ pantomime by the ‘Chaplins’ theatre company on Wednesday. Sincere thanks to our PSA who funded this for the whole school!

On Thursday we had our Reception and KS1 Christmas Craft Night and it was a great success! The children enjoyed it and this raises money for school so a BIG thank-you!

Today we had our own clothes day for our Christmas colour hamper raffle, sincere thanks for your very generous donations of items for the hampers that will now be raffled and money raised goes to School Fund. Raffle tickets will be on sale from next week! The raffle will be drawn after our Advent Mass on the 19th December by Fr Morrough.

Today we welcomed our new Year 5 pupil Chaplains: Alexis, John, Maddie, Melia, Missie, Rachel and Ruby. They will join our Year 6 Chaplains, Ben, Katie, Katlyn and Liam. They completed an application and were awarded a special certificate in Awards assembly. WELL DONE to them all and we look forward to them working with Year 6 Chaplains especially as we now move forward into Advent. Our Pupil Chaplains really make a difference and enrich the Catholic life of our school.

You will have received a letter this week regarding a confirmed case of Meningitis in school and the advice from Public Health. I am pleased to tell you that the child concerned is recovering well and we are praying together as a school family for a full recovery. This is a truly awful experience for any child, their parents and wider family so prayers are needed and welcomed. I know you will keep them in your prayers and we look forward to more good news.


Reception          Finley and Hallie

Year 1                  Isla and Joseph

Year 2                 Jeyah and Llain

Year 3                 Joshua and Paa

Year 4                 Ali and Gabriel

Year 5                 Lucy and Melia

Year 6                 Liam and Tom



Reminders for next week

  • Mon.- Year 1 Phonics Workshop for parents 3.15-4pm. This is an opportunity to see how phonics is taught in Year 1 and how you can support your child. You are all welcome to come along!
  • Tues.PSA BAGS2SCHOOL collection day. Time to clear out before Christmas! Please leave your bags outside the main entrance for collection.
  • Wed. – We will receive the BOSCEP (Bolton Schools Catholic Education Partnership) statues of Mary and Joseph as part of the ‘Shelter Seeking’ programme during Advent. Mary and Joseph visit every Catholic school over this time and arrive safely to  the stable at Thornleigh on the 17th December for our BOSCEP Carol Service. St Mary’s primary school will bring the statues to us on Wednesday and we will take them to St Joseph’s high school on Thursday. We will welcome them with prayers and reflections so they can continue their journey safely.
  • Thurs.Reception nativity performances at 2pm and 6pm.
  • Friday – ‘Hats on for the Homeless’ CARITAS day. We reflect on the CARITAS theme of ‘the poor and vulnerable’ and particularly the plight of the homeless. In response to this we ask the children to wear a hat for the day and make a donation. All donations will go to Urban Outreach in Bolton to support their vital work with the homeless and those in need over the Christmas period. This is a BOSCEP initiative across all Catholic schools and collectively we normally give up to £2,000 to Urban Outreach  – so it does make a difference! Thank-you in advance for your support.


We begin Advent this Sunday and will use this as our theme throughout December. We will focus on the journey of Mary and Joseph and how the light grows stronger as we look forward to the birth of Jesus our saviour, the light of the world. The Reception and KS1 children are very busy rehearsing their nativity plays so you are in for a treat over the next two weeks as they share the Christmas story in their unique and beautiful way. It is a wonderful time to be in school and we are reminded that the true story of Christmas is the birth of a very special baby in Bethlehem who changed the world. You will all be remembered in our prayers during Advent.

We look forward to another SUPER week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson



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Head Teacher’s Blog 19.11.18-23.11.18

Hi Everyone,

Another SUPER week – WELL DONE EVERYONE! Mrs Grant and I have visited every class this week and it was wonderful to see the all the children behaving so beautifully, engaged in their learning and working hard. FANTASTIC – keep it up everyone!

We started the week with a BRILLIANT assembly by Izzy B and Owen on type 1 diabetes. Thank-you Izzy and Owen -it was FANTASTIC!

Many thanks to all the Reception parents who attended the Reception Phonics Workshop on Tuesday after school. I hope you found it a useful insight into how phonics is taught in Early Years and how you can help your child. We also had the Year 3 Sacramental Programme preparation session after school and the children were great – well done!

On Wednesday we had an excellent assembly by Dan from the ‘Walking to School’ team who told the children all about the ‘Walking to School’ project. We will be starting the project this term, it is to encourage children to walk to school once a week or park a bit further away and walk the last part of the journey. The children listened and answered questions really well and we hope they will be enthusiastic to take part! They can earn special award badges that have been specifically designed. This is another part of our Road Safety project – have a go at walking to school!

After school on Wednesday we had our first ‘Enrichment of our curriculum’ session for Year 5 and year 6. The children did three different fun activities that involved teamwork, problem solving and resilience. We were really impressed! The children were GREAT and thoroughly enjoyed it! We awarded certificates today in Awards Assembly for ‘great teamwork’, ‘great problem solvers’ and ‘resilience’. WELL DONE to all the Year 5 and Year 6 children who took part – YOU WERE ALL GREAT!

On Thursday Class 3 had ‘Warburtons’ visiting and did the sandwich workshop – it looked and smelt delicious! The children were excellent and looked very professional in their hats and gloves! This is to fir in with their current topic. WELL DONE CLASS 3!

The Governing Body had their first full governors meeting on Thursday evening. Full governors meetings take place each term. There are also several committees such as finance and curriculum that meet regularly throughout the year. It was a positive first meeting of the year, my thanks to all governors who give their time freely as volunteers to undertake this role.

Today Class 5 went to Bolton Library to watch ‘The 11th Hour’ a play based on WWI, this is the topic in Y5 this half term. The children loved it! They also visited the war memorial in front of the town hall. They were keen to tell me all about it when they returned as was Miss Whittingham! WELL DONE CLASS 5!

We have finished the week with the KS2 Film Night so lots of fun! The weeks do start to get very busy from now until the end of term!


Reception          Lydia and Zac

Year 1                  Eva and Isabelle   

Year 2                 Holly and Kassidy

Year 3                 Bella and Sanaa

Year 4                 Evangeline and Malachy

Year 5                 Amelia M and Hugo

Year 6                 George and Layton



Reminders for next week

  • Wed. – Theatre company in school to perform ‘Cinderella’ pantomime for all the children. This has been funded by the PSA, thank-you!
  • Thurs. – KS1 Christmas Craft Night 3.15-4.45pm
  • Friday – OWN CLOTHES DAY donations for Christmas colour hamper raffle please.

We celebrate the Feast of Christ the King this weekend and look forward to the beginning of Advent, our preparation to welcome the baby Jesus. It is a wonderful time to be in school and to hear Nativity rehearsals, Christmas carols and to share the journey to Christmas with the children. We keep all your intentions in our prayers and continue to pray for all those who have died in this month to remember. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and know that Jesus is the king of our hearts.

We look forward to another FANTASTIC week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 12.11.18-16.11.18

Hi Everyone,

Another GREAT week – WELL DONE EVERYONE! Sincere thanks for the very generous donations of chocolate received for the parish Christmas Fair. We have an own clothes day each November to support our parish of Christ the Redeemer. The donations mean that the ‘Chocolate Tombola’ stall at the parish Christmas Fair is always so popular and raises lots of money for the parish! THANK-YOU!

We started the week with our ‘Anti-Bullying’ assembly as it was national ‘Anti-bullying week’. The children were great and have done follow up activities in their classes during the week. The messages are very clear and important so all the children know what to do if they were being bullied or felt someone else was. All the teachers told me that the children were great in the sessions so WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Class 6 had a ‘Fossil Workshop’ as part of their topic work on Wednesday afternoon – it looked fantastic as the children studied and explored giant fossils!

Our Reception class, Classes 1 and 2 are busy rehearsing for their nativity plays and after this coming week everything gets much busier! Please make sure you have the dates in your diaries! You will receive a letter about tickets for nativity play performances shortly.

Our joint Road Safety project with Beaumont school continues with our new signs introduced on Friday. This is to promote the highest level of safety for all pupils, families and local residents. Thank-you for your continued support to ensure safety for everyone.


Reception          Isabella and Ralph

Year 1                  Alexander and David      

Year 2                 Alanna and Summer

Year 3                 Izaac and Tobias

Year 4                 Dominic and Zac

Year 5                 Cadence and Maddie

Year 6                 Mckenzie and Sean



Reminders for next week

  • Tues.Reception Phonics Workshop for parents 3.15-4pm in the Reception Class. This is a great opportunity to gain an insight into how phonics is taught in Reception.
  • Tues. – Sacramental Programme preparation session after school for the children 3.15-4pm in Class 3.
  • Wed.Y5 & Y6 Curriculum Enrichment session after school 3.15-4pm. This is a new initiative to deepen knowledge, skills and build resilience but fun! It is an open invitation to all Y5 and Y6 pupils and will be delivered by all the teachers. There will be a session for all classes over the year. We are looking forward to an exciting and fun session!
  • Thurs. – Full governors autumn term meeting at 6pm in school.
  • Fri. – Class 5 theatre trip as part of their topic work.
  • Fri. – KS2 FILM NIGHT after school 3.15-4.45pm

We continue to remember in November and bring our memory bowl to every assembly so we can pray for all those remembered. Miss Turner has given out application forms to Year 5 to all the children interested in becoming Pupil Chaplains and joining our excellent Year 6 team! We will keep you posted!

This coming week we have a very special assembly about Type 1 diabetes led by two children in school who are type 1 diabetic – I know they will be FANTASTIC! We have also planned a fund raising day in January to support the work of JDRF a charity that supports young people with diabetes.

We look forward to another GREAT week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 5.11.18-9.11.18

Hi Everyone,

Another GREAT week – WELL DONE EVERYONE! We welcomed Mrs Brown as our new Clerical Assistant  in the office on Monday and it is great to have her on the team!

Our Pupil Chaplains have been busy selling poppies this week and doing an excellent job – thank-you and well done Ben, Katie, Katlyn and Liam! Our assembly on Monday was focussed on ‘November to Remember’, we introduced our memory bowl and we will be praying for all those remembered at every assembly.

The KS2 Mass on Wednesday was beautiful, thank-you to all of you who came to join us. The reflections about those who gave their lives for peace were fitting and it made the whole Mass a very spiritual, thoughtful and respectful occasion. The children in all the KS2 classes had also produced fantastic art work on poppies and this was displayed in the hall. We especially remembered and marked that centenary of the armistice day on the 11th November 1918. The children were FANTASTIC – WELL DONE KS2! My sincere thanks to all the teachers and Fr Morrough who made sure it was a lovely celebration of Mass.

Year 6 heights and weights were done on Tuesday, this is part of a national government health initiative.

We had our open evening for new Reception parents for September 2019 on Wednesday 4-6pm. It was lovely to welcome new and current parents and give them a tour of the school. We also had our open session 10.30-11.30am today Year 6 were the Guides – they did a GREAT JOB! Well done Year 6 and thank-you!

In our Awards Assmebly today we had some AMAZING news Luke S in Year 6 has got his black belt in kick boxing. We have never had a black belt before and Luke has always shared his fantastic achievements with us since starting the sport when he was 3 years old. I am sure you will agree to be a black belt in a martial art at the age of 10 years is AMAZING! WELL DONE LUKEOlympic champion next!!


Reception          Amaanah and Elliott

Year 1                  Angel and Lucy      

Year 2                  Eliza and Grayson

Year 3                 Brooke and Holly

Year 4                 Lili, Lucy and Noah

Year 5                 Livia and Rachel

Year 6                 Finlay and Sienna



Reminders for next week

  • Fri. – OWN CLOTHES day chocolate donations please for the Parish Christmas Fair.

In this month of remembrance we also pray for peace in our troubled world. I have talked to the children in assembly about being peacemakers in our school, in our homes and in our families. The children have supported the poppy appeal so well and it is lovely to see them wearing their poppies and remembering all those who died in the pursuit of peace. Next week is the national ‘Anti-bullying’ week and I will be focussing on that in my Monday assembly and the children will be doing follow up work in classes. The messages from the week are really important that children know they can go and talk to someone so we can help. It is also very important that children gain a clear understanding of what bullying is and the difference between that and  falling out with friends. These important messages are then reinforced in school so all the children know how to get help.

We see lovely caring attitudes, understanding and positive relationships in school living our Mission of ‘a unique family in faith, love and learning’ – keep it up everyone!

We look forward to another super week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 29.10.18-2.11.18

Hi Everyone,

A GREAT first week back everyone – WELL DONE! I hope you all had lovely half term break. A busy first week that started with introducing the Royal British Legion poppy appeal in our assembly on Monday and ‘November to Remember’. The children have been busy today making their donations and proudly wearing their poppies – FANTASTIC!

Brother Ruben from the Missionaries of Charity came on Monday to collect the tea, coffee and sugar donations you very kindly sent in for our Harvest Mass. He was really pleased and said that all the donations would be well used and really help their vital work with the poor.

On Tuesday we had our annual photograph day for individual and family group photographs. The photographer Lynn was really impressed with how well the children participated and was finished by mid morning! You will receive a sample photograph shortly and be able to order photographs before the end of term.

Year 3 had their first Sacramental Programme preparation session on Tuesday after school and they were GREAT! WELL DONE Year 3! The children will have preparation sessions throughout the year to prepare them for the Sacraments of Reconciliation/First Confession and the Eucharist/First Holy Communion.

On Wednesday morning we had our autumn term visit from the Local Authority looking at our school provision, data and the self-evaluation we carry out each term. It was a very positive visit and our School Improvement Partner described our school as ‘beautiful’ in terms of our school environment.

This was followed after school by our Halloween Disco! All the children had a fabulous time and their Halloween costumes were FANTASTIC! Thank-you for your support we have raised £600 for School Funds. The School Fund allows us to ensure high quality provision and off set other costs like trips and extra resources to enhance learning.

Flu vaccinations took place on Thursday afternoon for Reception to Year 5. This is a health initiative for all primary schools.

We did our termly fire drill today and the children were excellent – we were all safely out of the school building and accounted for in 2 minutes 26 seconds! WELL DONE EVERYONE! It is really important that the children know what to do and see this as a normal part of our health and safety procedures.


Reception        Charlie I and Sophie

Year 1                Alfie B and Finlay        

Year 2               Hannah and Isaac

Year 3               Jacob and Lucas

Year 4               Annabel and Jack

Year 5               Lewis and Yahya

Year 6               Katie and Leonie



Road Safety Competition Winners

Reception   Alyssia

Year 1          Lucy

Year 2         Holly

Year 3         Holly

Year 4         Molly

Year 5         John

Year 6        Milo

All the children won special Bolton Council road safety prizes such as special reflectors and road safety key rings. Our Road Safety Ambassadors Archie and Libby will be busy with another competition next term!

Reminders for next week

  • Tues. – Y6 heights and weights screening by the NHS
  • Wed. – KS2 Mass in the hall at 11am on the theme of Remembrance
  • Wed. – OPEN EVENING for new Reception parents September 2019 4-6pm.
  • Fri. – OPEN SESSION for new Reception parents September 2019 10.30-11.30am

If you know of any children who will be Reception age by September 2019 invite their parents to come and have a look round our lovely Catholic primary school! All visitors are welcome, details on our Facebook page and we have two sessions to be able to tour school in the evening and during the day.

This week in our spiritual reflection I focussed on the theme of remembering all those who have died and gone to join our heavenly father. Throughout November we will be reflecting on ‘November to Remember’ this includes the poppy appeal, Feast of Holy Souls and the Feast of All Saints. We will be introducing  our ‘Memory Bowl’ in assembly on Monday and the children, staff and visitors will be able to write down the names of all those who have died and  we want to remember and pray for. Your child may ask you about this and want to make a note of any family members to remember and pray for.

We look forward to another excellent week!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Staffing News from Mrs Doodson

Just to let you know that we will be saying a very sad goodbye to Mrs Page on Tuesday 30th October. Mrs Page is leaving us after many years of dedicated service to our school family. I know you will join me in wishing her every happiness and blessing for the future!

Mrs Louise Brown has been successfully appointed as our new Clerical Assistant in the main office with Miss Jones. We will welcome Mrs Brown officially from the 5th November.

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 15.10.18-29.10.18 End of the first half term

Hi Everyone,

A SUPER first half term to 2018-2019 everyone – WELL DONE! A very special EXTRA WELL DONE to our Reception class who have impressed us so much! They are now firmly established members of our school family – FANTASTIC! It has been exciting, busy and successful in all classes so I am sure the children are ready for a well deserved break!

This half term we started with the PSA coffee morning for new Reception parents, the PSA will be doing a coffee morning the first Friday of every new term for all parents who want to pop in for a hot drink, chat and biscuits! The next one will be Friday 11th January 9-9.30am.

Our annual ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings took place for every class early September and all the teacher power points are now on the website for your reference.

We had our FANTASTIC art day on the 26th September and exhibition on the 27th – I am sure you were impressed with the amazing art work!

The PSA Sponsored Walk took place on Sunday the 30th and it was a GREAT family event! £625 raised from this sponsored event – THANK-YOU! All money raised goes straight back into enriching provision for the children such as the visiting theatre company in November performing ‘Cinderella’ for the whole school. GREAT WORK PSA!

The next PSA event is next term ‘Race Night’ on Friday 8th February – come and join us!

Year 5 were FANTASTIC on their ‘Bikeability’ course and all the children received either level 1 or 2. The report from the instructors was EXCELLENT – WELL DONE Year 5!

We had our first House Afternoon on the 9th October and our first whole school Harvest Mass on the 20th – both SUPER! I have spoken to Brother Ruben at the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ and all the tea, coffee and sugar will be collected after half term. Sincere thanks for your generosity – it makes a huge difference to their work with the poor and homeless.

Our final week of this half term began with a road safety competition launched by Archie and Libby our Road Safety Ambassadors. The final day for entries is Monday 29th October as we return and there are some great prizes!

Parental Conferences took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, sincere thanks to all of you who came to speak to your child’s class teacher. Our nest Parental Conferences will be in the spring term.

Our last week ended with an Own Clothes Day and all the children looked fabulous even though rather excited!

It has been an excellent start to the new school year and we look forward to next half term and the run up to Christmas!


Reception        Evie and Holly

Year 1                Casey and Portia        

Year 2                Ava and Kassidy

Year 3                Lucy and Oscar

Year 4                Etan and Harvey

Year 5                Charlie and Jaylen

Year 6                Helen and Libby





Half term scores

Vincent            5940

Matilda           5625

Ignatius          5620

Francis           5602

Hedwig           5210

Malachy          5087

I am sure you will agree brilliant scores! WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Reminders for the week we return Monday 29th October

  • Mon, – return to school
  • Tues. – School photograph day individual and family group photographs
  • Tues. – Y3 Sacramental Programme preparation session after school 3.15-4pm
  • Wed. – HALLOWEEN DISCO 3.15-4.45pm
  • Thurs. – Flu vaccinations Rec. – Y5
  • Code of conduct – no earrings to be worn for school please.

In our assemblies this half term we have focussed on different Feast days, Our Lady, building our school family and how we love and care for one another and the dignity of the human person – quite a list! The children have been wonderful and at the same time always remembering their prayer intentions that do range from poorly pets to family loss. I am always inspired by them and in our last assembly this week I asked for God’s blessing on all of them and their families. I wish you all a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 29th October.

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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Head Teacher’s Blog 8.10.18-12.10.18

Hi Everyone,

Sincere thanks for the very generous donations of tea, coffee and sugar received this week. Your donations will be very welcomed by the Brothers of the Missionaries of Charity for their work with the poor and homeless. I have been in touch with the Brothers and they will be organising collection soon. I am sure you will agree that our Harvest Mass was a lovely celebration and wonderful to welcome our new Reception children at the offertory. We were also privileged to watch the Reception children perform their creation poem – it was FANTASTIC! The Harvest Mass is our first whole school Mass of the year and attendance by parents and family members was wonderful – thank-you!

We started the week with our CARITAS day on the theme of ‘The dignity of the human person’. This is a key part of our RE curriculum as it explores the social teaching of the church and how we reach out to others. I invited the children in our Monday assembly to consider those who may be more vulnerable in our society and how we should always show them dignity and respect, not forgetting each other. The children’s answers were excellent! Each class over the course of the day explored this theme further at their appropriate level.

All classes apart from Reception have undertaken half termly assessments this week in reading, writing and maths. This is an integral part of our whole school assessment programme and we use this information to update our internal pupil tracking system. The children have worked hard – WELL DONE EVERYONE!

We had our first House Afternoon of the year on Tuesday and it was SUPER! Our Year 6 House Captains did a GREAT job and everyone enjoyed it! The Reception children did really well and were very well looked after by KS2 children in their House. Watch out for our ‘Guardian Angel’ display on the main corridor!

Class 4 had a fantastic morning on Thursday as ‘LUSH’ were in and they all made bath bombs! The classroom and corridor smelt beautiful! This is part of their topic work on ‘Potions’ and they thoroughly enjoyed it! The children were BRILLIANT – WELL DONE YEAR 4!

Class 5 completed their ‘Bikeability’ training on Friday even though the weather wasn’t great they all carried on cycling! WELL DONE Year 5 – we look forward to awarding your certificates and badges. ‘Bikeabilty’ is an excellent but challenging programme and the children  showed such determination and dedication to improve their cycling skills and road safety awareness when cycling.

Miss James from ‘Dance Works’ was in school again this week delivering dance sessions to Reception and Year 3. The children loved the sessions, my sincere thanks to Miss James who delivers this every autumn term.

It is hard to believe we will be finishing for the half term break next Friday – it has flown! We have another busy week ahead with Parental Conferences and Own Clothes Day on Friday.


Reception        Ben and Eliza

Year 1                Llilac and Oscar         

Year 2               Leo Y and Veer

Year 3               Jayden and Lily-Mae

Year 4               Italia and Joshua

Year 5               * ‘Bikeability’ to be done on Monday 15th

Year 6               Milo and Luke W



Reminders for next week

  • Tues. – PARENTAL CONFERENCES 2.30-4.30pm
  • Wed .- PARENTAL CONFERENCES 2.30-6.30pm
  • Thurs. – Class 3 ‘Stone Age’ Workshop as part of their topic work. This will take place in class during the afternoon.
  • Friday – OWN CLOTHES DAY we ask for £1 donation please for School Fund.

In this special month of devotion to Our Lady we have focussed on the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer and asking for our Blessed Mother’s help for all our intentions no matter how small. St Bernard our patron had a particular devotion to Our Lady and the ‘Memorare’ prayer is thought to be have been written by him, a copy of it is displayed next to his mosaic image on our main corridor. We ask Our Lady and St Bernard to answer all our prayers this month as we look forward to another great week together!

God bless

Mrs Doodson

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